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Temecula wedding photographer that some people would describe as a mix between Channing Tatum and a honey badger, pound-for-pound one of the most ferocious animals on the planet. I enjoy writing sweet poetic love songs on my banjo for my lady, walking my dog Sinatra, sculpting my guns at the gymnasium (I'm not sure if you heard me counting, but I did over 1,000) and of course photographing weddings throughout Temecula, San Diego and Orange County. I’m truly blessed to do what I love and only hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. CHEERS! - Ryan

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July 19, 2014

A Family Trip To Santa Monica Museum Of Art & Beach

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Family Fun In Santa Monica


This past Friday was pretty much like every other Friday for parents of a two-month old baby girl. That basically means dealing with lots of baby poop, unwarranted crying, and a schedule that lacks predictability. That was when I randomly stumbled upon some images showcasing an exhibit by Robert Swain called “The Form Of Color”. After reviewing the photographs I instantly wanted to see the exhibit firsthand and view in person how Swain used color. Since the only plans my wife had involved grocery shopping I suggested we instead take Vienna down to the Santa Monica Museum of Art and check out the exhibit. I also promised to show her the infamous Santa Monica pier that’s something everyone should experience at least once, assuming you enjoy sand, surf and schizophrenic folk. The art museum and beach were actually quite an easy sell when the competition was lettuce and ketchup. So we packed up the family car and headed north to Santa Monica for the day. Just like that our boring day was ready to become awesome!

The exhibit was seriously rad! I was totally enamored by the emotion I felt when looking at certain patterns of color. Swain did a kick ass job with his almost minimalist approach to showcase the form of color. I would totally love to sit down with him over like 10 beers and hear more about his inspiration for the exhibit. Anyway, the museum functions off donations so if you are broke just come with a good attitude and smile on your face and they will let you in. The museum is awesome and has something eye-catching in every corner of the grounds. Not to mention, other exhibits are also going on that are worth checking out. So grab the kids, or grab your significant other, or grab some clean clothes if you are single and head over to the Santa Monica Museum of Art before this exhibit goes bye bye.

Oh and here are some images from our fun little day together!

SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt1 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt2 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt3 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt4 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt5 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt6 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt7 SantaMonicaMuseumOfArt8

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July 6, 2014

Renee & Collin Get Married At Wilson Creek Winery In Temecula, California

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Wedding At Temecula Wilson Creek Winery


Ever since Renee and Collin’s engagement session at Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano I was looking forward to photographing their Temecula winery wedding. These two enjoy life, enjoy a good drink and most importantly enjoy the company of each other, which as a wedding photographer makes my “job” super easy. The candid moments just keep happening and all I need to do is keep clicking the shutter. The day started across the street from Wilson Creek Winery at the Wilson Creek Manor which was where the groom, bride, wedding party and family all got ready. We played some ping pong, smashed some cold ones and snapped away the first look on site before heading over to Wilson Creek for the actual ceremony. Unfortunately, things got a little wacky when a old couple who were level 10 on the intoxication meter crashed their vehicle into the father of the groom’s car. That would have been a bad situation in normal circumstances but the drunk man driving decided he better flee the scene before anybody caught him. Thankfully, I was outside at the time scouting the first look spot, saw the incident, snapped his license plate info with my 70-200mm lens and yelled out to him, “Hey you dumb mother f***er I already got you on camera so you might as well get back!” Donnie Drunk-O heard me and came back which probably saved him some serious jail time, but the law enforcement still took him away in handcuffs and needed my information as a witness to the crime. After I was done saving the day, I took off my Superman cape, found the first look spot and carried photographing Renee, Collin and the party they rocked at Wilson Creek. So here are the photographs from Renee and Collin’s wedding. Ready, set, boom!



Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Rock This Moment

Also I would like to say thank you to my friend Reuben, a wedding photographer in Fullerton, who really helped me document the day so much better. You ROCK Reuben! Oh and here is a quick photo I snapped of the drunk guy in the story I mentioned earlier. Hopefully, the drunk tank wasn’t so bad early in the day and he was able to get his act together after the incident. This is America and there is nothing we love more than a comeback story so I am rooting for you old drunk guy!


June 26, 2014

Jeff & Liz Get Married In Temecula, California At Falkner Winery

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Falkner Winery Wedding


When I think of police officers I typically think of guys like Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop running around Southern California with his rough-and-tough Detroit wits busting up crime after crime. Jeff, like Axel, is also a law enforcement officer and recently got married to Liz at Falkner Winery. There were no Beverly Hills Cop or Police Academy type shenanigans at the Temecula wedding, but there was plenty of emotion, love and smiles. I have photographed a number of different weddings at Falkner Winery so I was real comfortable with the Temecula venue, but as I always say it is really all about the couple that makes for awesome pictures not the setting and Liz + Jeff made my job easy. Jeff had a awesome beard that rivaled only that of the Brawny paper towel guy and Liz had the most striking set of eyes that shot right into you like a freaking laser beam. So how could this not Temecula wedding not turn out awesome?


Wedding Venue: Falkner Winery

Wedding Photographer: Rock This Moment

June 14, 2014

Surprise Proposal At Temecula Winery Leoness Cellars

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Surprise Temecula Wedding Proposal


Crazy things happen every day and sometimes that can be a good thing. Friday would certainly fall into that category because out of the blue I connected with Kyson who was looking for a last minute Temecula photographer to capture a surprise he had planned. Kyson is from San Diego and he organized a little early weekend fun with his girlfriend of 7+ years for a day of wine tasting and relaxation at one of their personal favorite spots, Leoness Cellars. His big surprise was that he planned on asking that girlfriend to be his wife. We spoke briefly, coordinated everything so his girlfriend Brittany would not be suspicious of anything and made everything go off without a hitch even with very little planning by us. She said “YES!”, we went to the bar for champagne and IPAs where I said “YES!” and then I photographed the newly engaged couple all over Leoness Cellars. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an important moment in your lives Brittany & Kyson. I wish you both an incredible engagement and hope your wedding is f***ing awesome! Oh and thank you for the beers! You guys rock!


June 10, 2014

Steffani & Chris Get Married In The Temecula Wineries At Falkner

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Falkner Temecula Wedding With Steffani & Chris


WHOA! What other way can I open about this recent wedding captured at Falkner Winery in Temecula, California. I have always enjoyed photographing weddings in the Temecula Valley wineries and more specifically Falkner Winery (I like how Falkner Winery gives brides an option to have their reception in the pinnacle room or in the garden section), but I was totally blown away at the awesomeness I was able to document at Steffani & Chris’ late May wedding. It all started when Steffani hit me up via email very late at night about a month before her wedding ceremony in search for a Temecula wedding photographer. What happened was her and Chris had a falling out with the original wedding photographer they had hired months earlier and were feeling the stress of finding someone to photograph their wedding on short notice. I reassured her that everything would turn out great and that it truly was a blessing in disguise because I had that date available (the only opening I had in May) and was ready to kick ass for them. We rushed things along as quick as possible, meeting at Falkner for wine tasting and discussion about her vision for the wedding. I talked with Steffani and her maid of honor Breanna about my approach to photographing weddings as well as how they would want me to capture Steffani’s big day. I can honestly say that these two girls were amazing from start to finish. They were both warm souls who were nothing but awesome from day one, and therefore I was left with a feeling of excitement about the opportunity to be part of such a special day. Breanna, you are awesome and were such a big help to Steffani. I also appreciate you assisting me during the reception! Steffani, what can I say … are amazing. Your love for life and laughter is infectious and radiates on everyone. You really were a stunning bride. Chris, you are one smart guy. Not just because you got your PhD at such a young age (huge congrats by the way dude), but also because you hitched yourself to an awesome companion for life. I wish all of you the absolute best and hope we cross paths again in the very near future! Cheers!


FalknerWeddingPhotos1 FalknerWeddingPhotos2 FalknerWeddingPhotos3 FalknerWeddingPhotos4 FalknerWeddingPhotos5 FalknerWeddingPhotos6 FalknerWeddingPhotos7 FalknerWeddingPhotos8 FalknerWeddingPhotos9 FalknerWeddingPhotos10 FalknerWeddingPhotos11 FalknerWeddingPhotos12 FalknerWeddingPhotos13 FalknerWeddingPhotos14 FalknerWeddingPhotos15 FalknerWeddingPhotos16 FalknerWeddingPhotos17