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Temecula wedding photographer that some people would describe as a mix between Channing Tatum and a honey badger, pound-for-pound one of the most ferocious animals on the planet. I enjoy writing sweet poetic love songs on my banjo for my lady, walking my dog Sinatra, sculpting my guns at the gymnasium (I'm not sure if you heard me counting, but I did over 1,000) and of course photographing weddings throughout Temecula, San Diego and Orange County. I’m truly blessed to do what I love and only hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. CHEERS! - Ryan

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January 4, 2013

A collection of my favorite personal, engagement and wedding photographs from the year 2012!

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Temecula Wedding Photographer Reflects On 2012


One of the best years of my life, 2012 was an incredible gift. I was able to photograph so many wonderful couples, spend time with amazing friends and most importantly I married my better half in Corissa. In 2012, I also turned the ripe and tender age of 30, acquired a palate for single malt scotch, began eating more vegan and somehow survived the zombie apocalypse that the Mayans so accurately predicted (Rule #1 Cardio & Rule #8 Get a Kick Ass Partner). Although my New Year’s resolution to get in shape never actually really transpired (I gained weight), 2012 was a journey full of accomplishment, madness and love that I wouldn’t trade for all the gold in the hills of Corona.

To all of the brides and grooms who let me photograph them on their wedding day, all I can say is thank you! You have all been so great to me and your support is very humbling. I wish nothing more than a very long, happy and healthy life for you all. And if/when you decide to pop out some kiddos and need family photos taken be sure to give me a shout (wink, wink)!

Without further to do, here is a compilation of some favorite engagement, personal and wedding photos taken in 2012.

(Raise your glass to the sky) Cheers to a great year and an even better one in 2013!

bestof2012Fbestof2012Bbestof2012Ibestof2012HBestof2012Cbestof2012Jbestof2012GBestof2012EBestof2012Dbestof2012zOnce again, thank you everyone for your support, love and encouragement. Being a small business owner can be a very challenging experience and that is why this photographer in Temecula appreciates all the comments, referrals and kind words on Facebook. You guys all rock! Now let’s close this bad boy up and get ready to kick the ass of 2013!

May 17, 2013

Spending the day at Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory with the wife

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Exploring Los Angeles With The Wife


Although my wife and our two dogs Sinatra & Lucy all call the Temecula valley home, I was actually born in Los Angeles. Therefore, I have a certain love embedded in my DNA for the city of angels despite the traffic and pollution that can make Los Angeles seem unbearable at times. Los Angeles has everything a great city should have from cultural diversity, architectural genius, unique history and a deep level of artistic talent. Walking along the streets paved with names of famous celebrities and seeing the iconic Hollywood sign still excites me every time I visit Los Angeles and that is why we decided to make a short day trip up there this past week. Corissa is from the San Diego area so she hasn’t spent much time in Los Angeles so I decided one of the places she had to see was Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory. This particular area is a popular place where wedding photographers will take engagement photos of couples, which is another reason why I wanted to take her. I figured it would give me the freedom to explore the area more in-depth while taking some fun personal photographs of our day. Corissa got dressed up as if we were doing a fashion photo shoot, we headed up to Griffith Park and here is the story of our day together!

griffith-park-portrait1griffith-park-portrait2 griffith-park-portrait3 griffith-park-portrait4 griffith-park-portrait5 griffith-park-portrait6

After seeing the Griffith Observatory, park area and taking some photographs we headed down to West Hollywood off Melrose Avenue to grab some happy hour food and drinks. We stopped at a great little French themed place called Comme Ca. They made the most delicious cocktails with freshly made ingredients that packed a Rocky Balboa punch. Basically, what I’m saying is if you are in the area you need to drop in a get your pre-game going!

Thank you Corissa for being my model for the day!

April 18, 2013

We Have New Furry Addition To The Family!

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Sinatra Has A Friend


There really is nothing my wife and I love more than our dog Sinatra, excluding each other of course. Even though he occasionally poops in my office and loves to bark at the birds on the fence, kids playing outside and seemingly anything that moves, Sinatra is one of the sweetest little furry Yorkshire terriers a person could ever meet. This dog seriously has so much personality it’s ridiculous. He is a smart little f***er who seems like he is always up to something no good. Although Sinatra gets walks, plays ball and receives more than enough attention from both of us he still had something missing in his furry life: Companionship. Dogs love being around other dogs the same way people like to be around other people. This is clearly evident for anyone who has ever taken their pooch to a local dog park. With my wife and I having a game plan to have children in the near future we realized that it wouldn’t be long before we would have less time to spend with Sinatra. This would undoubtedly be the natural course of events if our family were blessed with non-furry children. With our future progressing toward family expansion we wanted to make sure Sinatra was not forgotten and therefore decided we would go to a local animal shelter called Animal Friends of the Valley to adopt a friend for him.

When we first arrived at the animal shelter with Sinatra he had a meet and greet with a small poodle mix named Suzy Q. Meet and greets are very important because they allow both dogs to interact with each other to make sure their personalities are compatible. We felt a female dog around his size and age would be the best chance for a furry friend match and Suzy Q seemed like such a little darling. Unfortunately, animals at the shelter are often scared, defensive or timid, and rightfully so given the circumstances they are in. This makes it difficult to gauge a dog’s true personality. However, it was not hard to instantly fall in love with Suzy Q. She was so sweet and just wanted to be held and loved. Although she was very shy at first and generally apprehensive toward people, we could see she was just an absolute doll. Her and Sinatra got along pretty well, but we made the decision to see every single dog in the shelter that day. We felt every dog deserved an opportunity to be seen and even if we were not going to adopt them we could at least say hello to them and give them a couple belly rubs and warm wishes. Even though we saw 60+ dogs it was clear from the start that Suzy Q was the one for our family. She was everything we were looking for and we wanted to give her the life she deserved.

Many people don’t like going to animal shelters because they think they are depressing, but that is not necessarily the case. I must say that Animal Friends of the Valley is one of the nicest facilities I have ever seen for an animal shelter and the staff there are just tremendous. They work so hard for abused, abandoned or simply forgotten animals that do not have a voice. The animals there all have a different background story coming in for so many different reasons. For example, a pair of cute little terrier mixes were brought in together after their elderly owner died. They were well taken care of, but had no home when he passed away. Both dogs were so sad. One was so depressed that the furry little guy just starred at the corner of the room. Other times people move to places where pets are not allowed or the person simply can no longer care for the animal. Therefore, so many of the animals at the shelter are GREAT dogs, cats or other animals that are more than worthy of adoption. They are smart, compassionate and loving animals just wanting the opportunity to enjoy life.

Here is the story in photographs of the day we adopted Suzy Q, who we now call Lucy. She has been in our home for a little over a month now and it has been so great to see her personality blossom. She is a ultra-loving lap dog that listens to everything we say, pees outside and brings a little more happiness to our family. Anyone looking to add a pet to their family should visit Animal Friends of the Valley or any of the other animal shelters out there. It is the only way we as a society will eliminate puppy mills and the needless killing of loving adoptable dogs in the many over-crowded shelters. I will conclude this chapter in Lucy’s life with this great quote I was once told, “When you adopt a pet from an animal shelter you save two lives”. One being the animal you take into your home and the other an animal who will take the adopted animal’s spot at the shelter that may have been euthanized if such a spot was not available.

animalfriendsofthevally1animalfriendsofthevalleyPhotos By Rock This Moment (Temecula Wedding Photography)

November 2, 2012

Corissa and I in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Northern California for our honeymoon <3

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Even though being a professional wedding photographer means that I have seen more weddings than most people, getting married yourself is still a very overwhelming experience. On October 5th of this year (2012), I was lucky enough to marry my long-term girlfriend/fiancée Corissa. We said our I do’s at a house we rented in the Temecula wineries, a perfect little secluded and endearing spot that was pretty much everything we could have hoped for and more given our very limited budget. We had roughly 85 close family and friends attend our outdoor ceremony, and many of us partied hours after midnight. Our close friends went so far out of their way to help us put everything together that we both felt truly appreciative and indebted to them. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways… the awesome ceremony, having your friends help with every detail, having great friends photograph. coordinate, bar-tend and cater. Everybody really pitched in to make the day go so smoothly. The dance floor was soaked with beer, the band rocked until midnight, the bride was busting out keg stands and people were having a competition to see who could throw the empty kegs furthest and that only describes just a sliver of the madness and love that was our wedding!

When I woke up a happy and married man on 10-6-12, I also woke up a very hungover man. This was unfortunate because we still had to clean the house/venue up, and then drive north to Long Beach to begin the first phase of our honeymoon, a 7-day Mexican cruise. Feeling like total death and being rushed for time, I didn’t realize I forgot to pack my Canon 5D Mark iii until we were about to board the ship. This bummed me out pretty hard because I really enjoy taking photos even when I’m not shooting weddings. That left this Temecula wedding photographer with no other option but to document the honeymoon with an iPhone 4 and Visual Supply Company (VSCO) mobile application. Therefore, the quality of my honeymoon images may not be what I have hoped, but they are still better than no images at all. However, after I reviewed these photos they reminded me of the amazing time that we had on our cruise and time up in Bodega Bay. Even though the quality of the images was not exceptional, they are wonderful reminders of the time that we had together. These photos are priceless to me, regardless if they were taken on my cell phone.

Below are a couple of really bad videos captured by drunk people on my iPhone drinking tequila in Cabo!

September 27, 2012

I have so much stuff to do it is crazy! One week Until the wedding day and counting (tick, f***ing tock!)

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Being a wedding photographer in Temecula has allowed me to see a number of awesome venues, wedding details and basically all of the minor and major things that make a wedding ceremony look amazing. However, I only paid attention to all of those things because it has been my job as a wedding photographer to tell the story of the bride and groom on their wedding day; and the scenery, details and guests are all part of that love story. The thing is I never realized how much frustration all those little hand-made Pinterest inspired signs, sweets tables or wedding cakes probably have caused the bride and groom until just recently. The reason is because with a week to go before my wedding I still feel like a chicken with his head cut off, as Corissa and I scramble to get everything in order before our wedding day scheduled for launch next week.

As I lay on my couch typing this I hear the loud humming of the carpet shampooer going. My office chair is in the living room, and my dog Sinatra feels the urge to pee on anything that has been cleaned. This is not even the tip of the iceberg of the chaos in our home. Corissa is trying to get the house in order before all her family flies in from Illinois in a couple days, and the time is ticking down quickly to get s*** done. Here is my short list of things I should be doing now that for some reason I feel the urge to avoid:

1. Confirm all set-up and final guest number with the caterer.
2. Send out final invites (This is just terrible I still have not invited everyone I have wanted).
3. Order my wedding ring (yup I already know).
4. Get in touch with the band.
5. Get PA system from band.
6. Purchase grooms men’s gifts.
7. Order kegs and taps for wedding.
8. Edit speeches
9. Book hotel for wedding night and night before honeymoon.
10. Get rental car for honeymoon

As I typed everything on that above list all I wanted to do was say “f***!”. I can seriously see why people leave town to get married or just pay out the buns for an all inclusive venue. Normally, I would hammer out most if not the entire list of things to do in a day, but I’m still feeling the pain from a three-day bachelor party in Las Vegas. Not to mention, my other duties running a GPS tracker website and Temecula coupon website require a lot of my time. There is a sense of burden that feels overwhelming right now. Let’s be clear that this has absolutely nothing to do with the marriage or actual process of getting married on 10-5-12. I’m simply talking about the dog and pony show that is the preparations for the wedding. Honestly, I can see why some brides and grooms shove cake into each other’s faces on their big day. That probably has more to do with months and months of arguments and frustration boiling over in one cake-filled violent moment. I have actually felt the urge to slam something in somebody’s face as well recently…

In all seriousness, I am very much looking forward to the wedding. Seeing friends and family, eating good food and drinking until the midnight hour sounds like a blast. And not to mention, the wedding day is the antecedent to the honeymoon, and Corissa and I very much deserve a break after putting this wedding together without professional assistance. The only problem is I’m not going to have the opportunity to enjoy these things or many of the other little things if I can’t start knocking off some of the crap on my to-do list! For all of you couples already married who put together a wedding on your own I want you to know you are all my personal heroes. And for those clients whose weddings I shoot in the near future, I will never look at your details the same again. They may not seem like much to the outside world, but I know each detail probably comes with a back story, argument or something crazy.