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Temecula wedding photographer that some people would describe as a mix between Channing Tatum and a honey badger, pound-for-pound one of the most ferocious animals on the planet. I enjoy writing sweet poetic love songs on my banjo for my lady, walking my dog Sinatra, sculpting my guns at the gymnasium (I'm not sure if you heard me counting, but I did over 1,000) and of course photographing weddings throughout Temecula, San Diego and Orange County. I’m truly blessed to do what I love and only hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. CHEERS! - Ryan

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April 9, 2014

My Wife, Sunshine, Ace Hotel & Palm Springs. Of Course This Was Going To Be A Great Little Getaway!

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Maternity Photos At Ace Hotel & Palm Springs


With the baby due in less than 3 weeks (OH MY GOSH!), Corissa and I made the decision to take a little overnight trip to Palm Springs while we still had the freedom to come and go as we please. We figured a short getaway to the desert would give us an opportunity to do another round of maternity photos (here are my abandoned house maternity photos from a couple months back), enjoy a little time together, talk baby stuff and simply relax before the endless nights of non-sleeping come to fruition. We booked a room at one of our all-time favorite locations in Ace Hotel, snapped photos, swam in the pool and ate so much I literally thought I would barf….I blame the vegan chicken wings from Native Foods for that. It was the type of relaxation that both of us needed and deserved after putting a nursery together, reading books about how to be awesome parents, going to doctor’s visits, taking classes and doing all of the things necessary for a child to come into the world ready to rock. The pool was cool, the weather was hot and the gay dudes were making me feel insecure about myself as always so everything was just about perfect. Here is a brief look at our day together yesterday told in the medium of photography. Enjoy!

PalmSpringsMaternityPhotos1 PalmSpringsMaternityPhotos2 PalmSpringsMaternityPhotos3 PalmSpringsMaternityPhotos4 PalmSpringsMaternityPhotos5

Below are a couple snaps I took on my iPhone 5. More of my iPhone photography can be found on my Instagram account. For my iPhone photos I typically edit using VSCO Cam and AfterLight. However, there are a lot of great mobile apps for post processing now so Mextures and all those other ones are great too. I am just not that familiar with them!


Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

September 27, 2012

I have so much stuff to do it is crazy! One week Until the wedding day and counting (tick, f***ing tock!)

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Being a wedding photographer in Temecula has allowed me to see a number of awesome venues, wedding details and basically all of the minor and major things that make a wedding ceremony look amazing. However, I only paid attention to all of those things because it has been my job as a wedding photographer to tell the story of the bride and groom on their wedding day; and the scenery, details and guests are all part of that love story. The thing is I never realized how much frustration all those little hand-made Pinterest inspired signs, sweets tables or wedding cakes probably have caused the bride and groom until just recently. The reason is because with a week to go before my wedding I still feel like a chicken with his head cut off, as Corissa and I scramble to get everything in order before our wedding day scheduled for launch next week.

As I lay on my couch typing this I hear the loud humming of the carpet shampooer going. My office chair is in the living room, and my dog Sinatra feels the urge to pee on anything that has been cleaned. This is not even the tip of the iceberg of the chaos in our home. Corissa is trying to get the house in order before all her family flies in from Illinois in a couple days, and the time is ticking down quickly to get s*** done. Here is my short list of things I should be doing now that for some reason I feel the urge to avoid:

1. Confirm all set-up and final guest number with the caterer.
2. Send out final invites (This is just terrible I still have not invited everyone I have wanted).
3. Order my wedding ring (yup I already know).
4. Get in touch with the band.
5. Get PA system from band.
6. Purchase grooms men’s gifts.
7. Order kegs and taps for wedding.
8. Edit speeches
9. Book hotel for wedding night and night before honeymoon.
10. Get rental car for honeymoon

As I typed everything on that above list all I wanted to do was say “f***!”. I can seriously see why people leave town to get married or just pay out the buns for an all inclusive venue. Normally, I would hammer out most if not the entire list of things to do in a day, but I’m still feeling the pain from a three-day bachelor party in Las Vegas. Not to mention, my other duties running a GPS tracker website and Temecula coupon website require a lot of my time. There is a sense of burden that feels overwhelming right now. Let’s be clear that this has absolutely nothing to do with the marriage or actual process of getting married on 10-5-12. I’m simply talking about the dog and pony show that is the preparations for the wedding. Honestly, I can see why some brides and grooms shove cake into each other’s faces on their big day. That probably has more to do with months and months of arguments and frustration boiling over in one cake-filled violent moment. I have actually felt the urge to slam something in somebody’s face as well recently…

In all seriousness, I am very much looking forward to the wedding. Seeing friends and family, eating good food and drinking until the midnight hour sounds like a blast. And not to mention, the wedding day is the antecedent to the honeymoon, and Corissa and I very much deserve a break after putting this wedding together without professional assistance. The only problem is I’m not going to have the opportunity to enjoy these things or many of the other little things if I can’t start knocking off some of the crap on my to-do list! For all of you couples already married who put together a wedding on your own I want you to know you are all my personal heroes. And for those clients whose weddings I shoot in the near future, I will never look at your details the same again. They may not seem like much to the outside world, but I know each detail probably comes with a back story, argument or something crazy.

April 4, 2012

Some photos of my lady.

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After Taco Tuesday at Guadalajara’s, Corissa was kind enough to let me take some photos of her so I could practice using my new tilt-shift lens. I really love my new tilt-shift lens, but at this point in the game I am struggling pretty hard with it (as you can tell by the above photos that were basically all shot with my 50mm). It probably did not help that I was trying to figure the darn thing out after two margaritas, which I swear were made from pure gasoline. Any margarita-enthusiast must stop at Guadalajara’s in Temecula during their happy hour and drop the $3 for one of these margaritas of death. I am actually shocked people can even drive out of that parking lot after a couple of those drinks…Anyway, after getting sauced up, we went behind Wilson Creek Winery at a spot off Buck Road to do a real quick mini shoot (Buck Road also happens to be one of the party spots of my youth, so it was nice to go back and relive the glory days of dirt party shenanigans). The reason I selected this location is because it is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The spot is remote, so there are no distractions, and the fields are a rolling green and gold color. It is a location I would highly recommend any Temecula photographer use for doing an engagement or family shoot.

I would like to send a big thank you to Corissa for being such a awesome, sexy, smoking hot model, and not complaining about the continuous farts I was ripping from the all the beans and tacos I grubbed down during dinner! You’re the best sugar face!

April 25, 2012

Before I became a wedding photographer…

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There are many crossroads we encounter in our life that are truly defining moments, and I am not talking about the movie featuring Britney Spears. After High School, I did not know what I wanted from life other than to have some beers on the weekend, and maybe hang out with some chicks. However, I also knew the value of an education, or at least saw it as a gateway to not hanging drywall for the rest of my life (at this stage in my life I was working in the construction field). Even though I had no clue what I wanted for my future, I knew I did not want that, so I enrolled in some college courses.

While in college part-time for a couple years, I ended up taking a psychology class where I met one of the most caring and inspirational people, Professor Richard Kandus. This guy was awesome. He knew I was walking to school and pretty much was broke so he let me use his textbook to study, and even take the tests on different dates if he needed to use his book. It was through him that I was connected with an amazing family from Canada that had a severely autistic daughter, and they were looking for an in-home therapist to teach her an assortment of skills such as writing, socialization, speech and more. Since I was looking for a career change this opportunity seemed like a natural transition.

From this connection, I became completely entrenched in the autistic community, working with children who had been dealt some of the toughest hands possible. These were the kids the school districts gave up on due to severe behavioral problems such as biting, spiting, throwing tantrums and worse. However, they did not engage in these maladaptive behaviors because they were bad kids, but rather non-verbal kids who had difficulty expressing their needs/wants, among other physical and mental disadvantages.

I saw this as an opportunity to make the positive and meaningful impact I always wanted.

Over the course of the next 6 years, I continued conducting Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavioral therapy to a number of different kids suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Every child our team worked with made exceptional progress. All of the children gained some form of speech or echoics, and some were lucky enough to lose their diagnosis entirely!

Looking to shake things up and try something different, my special lady friend and I packed up and moved to Chicago. While in the windy city, grabbing the corporate bull by the horns, I got an exotic job in sales/marketing. Every day was the same. I called people, and 95% would hang up on me or tell me to go f*** myself. I was never a pushy sales guy so I was confused how people could be such jerks. Also, shoveling snow seemingly every morning in the winter to get to work was something that was about as fun as eating bran flakes on a Saturday night. I knew this was not the life for me…

After about two years in the wild mid-west I moved back to California and started a GPS tracking system company called Tracking System Direct. This was nice because it allowed me the freedom to work from home, walk my dog mid-day, be hung-over on Wednesdays and play music with my friends outside of the weekends. However, it did not take long before I felt that same discontentment I felt in Chicago. My time was being allocated to serve no other purpose than to make money. How much money in sales this week? How much in money sales this month? How do I get more sales? How do I make more cash money? Get me some paper! I was having the type of success and freedom that most people would wish for, but I felt like an uninspired lemming. I felt like a guy who wears sweat pants all day, only to watch television for 7 straight hours. This feeling seriously made me want to take the belt from my pants, wrap it around my neck and tie the other end to a ceiling fan. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that someone would find my lifeless body spinning from a ceiling fan, and probably crack a small wiener joke. I was not about to let that happen.

What came next was an invitation to learn about wedding photography from a friend who was a Temecula wedding photographer. The very first day shooting I knew I was doing something that was special. Even though at that time I was terrible at operating my camera and had few post-processing skills, I loved how everybody at a wedding was having a good time. People were happy. I was happy. The people in my photos were not jerks that wanted to hang up on me or tell me to eat s***. At this point I decided to dedicate my time improving my wedding photography skills to the best of my ability.

What I did was take photography classes, worked as a second shooter for local wedding photographers, assisted famous photographers who worked in Los Angeles, purchased better camera gear, better computer equipment for post-processing, and shot photos like Rambo would shoot bullets at Vietnamese troops trying to kill him. I became enchanted with wedding photography, and the art of telling a story with a camera. Most importantly, I felt I had a meaningful purpose, and could give people beautiful photographs that would outlive me.

My passion for wedding photography has only strengthened over the past couple years. I continue to research wedding blogs, new techniques, different/trendy actions, and anything else that will help me improve as a wedding photographer. Now, I wake up every day and feel happy with the direction I am moving, except of course on Wednesday mornings from the indulgence of too many margaritas on Taco Tuesday.

Cheers to you for reading this, and learning a little bit more about me!